Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My dear great grandmother, Munner, as we called her, passed away last Sunday. She had alzheimer's and was in an assisted living center for the past 7 years. I was feeling guilty because I haven't seen her in a while, but I find myself greatful for the time we had together prior to her illness. I have so many great memories of our summer trips we spent with her and Cleone! They make me happy to think of them. I am sad I couldn't attend her funeral, so I would just like to say how much she will be missed, and I hope she knows how much I loved her!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day! Part Two...

After Mike went to work, my friend Tabitha called and invited us to the park right by our house. It was a beautiful day and so we walked.. plus Mike had the car. We had fun at the park with Tabitha (mom), Bradley (Dad), Gavin, Paisley and Slinky (the puppy). Thanks you guys.. we had a blast!

Valentine's Day! Part One...

Mike had to work and my mother in law was in the hospital. Mike had to call in on Saturday to visit his mom in the hospital. So, he got to sleep with us Saturday night. The kids and I woke up earlier than him and I gave them their V-Day treats. We had fun making faces and playing bubbles. Then Mike got up and we headed down to the hospital. After a day there.. Mike headed off to work. I made some yummy treats and we exchanged cards. It was an ok day, and we got good news at the end of it.. Mike's mom got to go home! She's actually doing a lot better. We're very thankful for that!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Gingerbread House..

This was our first and only attempt...

The decorations are cute.. Logan helped with that. It's the contruction that is awful.. my fault. That dang frosting dried so quick, I couldn't smooth it out. Also, I couldn't get it to fit together very well. I need a lot more practice! Oh well, Logan and Maddie are happy with it, so better luck next year!

Logan's new do...

Logan recently wanted to grow his hair out like Scott from Imagination Movers. If you're un familiar with who he is or who Imagination Movers are, go to Playhousedisney.com and check it out. Pretty funny. Anyways, so he's been growing his hair out for a couple months or so, and I've been liking it cause I can spike it or do a little mohawk and stuff and it looks real cute. well, then he came to me last weekend and said he wanted to shave it like Daddy's. Oh, and this was right before pics too. So, I made him a deal if he wore it spikey for pics, then I'd shave it, well, buzz it! So, here it is.. before and after. I think I like it in between, but he's handsome no matter what!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maddie's two...

Today my beautiful baby girl turned 2! These two years have flown by. I remember the day I had her! She's at such a fun age, and her personality is showing through more and more each day! I'm loving it. She's so silly, loving, stubborn, and adorable!
She got shy when we sang to her. It was funny! But she loved her cake. She dug right in. When she opened her present, she tried to put the wrapping back on. We had to tell her it's ok to take the wrapping off!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Famous Quotes...

"I wish it would rain money so you didn't have to go to work."

"Pretty awesomer than anything."

"I'm pretty much done talking about that now."

"Dop is a word, you know like adopt."

"This homework is not kicking my butt, I'm kicking it's butt."

"Maddie is the champion of crying."

Yes, you guessed it... these are from my wonderful son, Logan. Everyday he cracks me up with new things he says! I love it.

Now Maddie's starting to talk too! She says, "Love you too." With emphasis on the too. It's so cute.
She likes to yell, "B r a - d e e." (brother) all the time.
She's also very polite in always saying "Pease and Thank-you!"
When she's at brother's school in the morning, she likes to go down the slide, and at the bottom she says, "Weeee!"
And of course everytime I pull the camera out the kids know what to do. "Cheeeese!" with a huge cheesey grin on her adorable little face!

Kids says the funniest things and it's always so fun. I can't get enough of it!